Organic certification

It is everyone’s moral imperative to treat their territory with as much respect and love as possible. The hills of the Langhe have been a UNESCO World Heritage since June 2014, thus representing an ecosystem that must be preserved and taken care of with our greatest efforts, by all of its inhabitants.
Since 2008 we have started to experiment with organic practices of running our vineyards. The first step was to completely eliminate the chemical weed control and mechanically control the weeds on the row of vine stocks, in all our vineyards. There are also copper and sulphur to combat common fungal vine diseases, although there is some concern surrounding the use of copper, a  metal that tends to accumulate in the soil, and we hope that science will soon come up with a valid substitute which is both effective against Plasmopara viticola and sustainable in terms of environment and health. Pyrethrum and sexual confusion against insects are good agronomic practices for treating the soil after harvest, as are the use of organic fertilisers and manure, and grassing between the rows with selected seed mixes and green manure. Today all our Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto vineyards are certified organic (Valoritalia IT BIO 015), while our Moscato and Riesling vineyards are sustainably managed.
For us, organic methods are a lot of work; we don’t actually have one single 35-hectare estate, but separate vineyards, some of just half a hectare, spread out over a large area between La Morra and Serralunga d’Alba, from Monforte d’Alba to Castiglione Falletto, Verduno, Neive, Trezzo Tinella and Nizza Monferrato. Every day we have to take our vehicles from Santa Maria to the other areas, sometimes very quickly, to act promptly against vine pathogens. In the cellar we always look for the utmost respect for the integrity of the raw material, which truly represents the richness and versatility of our soil. We strive to work so that our bottles of wine “are” the vineyards that we cultivate. We have the great fortune to possess some of the most beautiful and important vineyards of the Langhe in Barolo and Barbaresco territory. It is a considerable treasure—these are “talents” that should not be wasted. It will not be easy and it requires the commitment and heart of everyone who works with us. The vineyards deserve our most heartfelt thanks.



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