Grape variety
Riesling Renano, with two selected clones

Comune: Località San Biagio in Santa Maria di La Morra, exposure north-west.
Hectares: 1 ha
Age of vines: In 2006 we planted Riesling alongside a vineyard of Chardonnay planted in the 90s. In the early years the wine produced was a blend of Riesling and Chardonnay, each year containing a higher proportion of Riesling, until becoming 100% Riesling from the 2016 vintage onwards

Age of vineyards
Varies. The central and largest part, planted before the Oddero family bought the vineyard, probably dates back to 1972. The highest section with about 240 plants was planted in 1983, and the lowest section with about 300 plants in 2007. Our family began making Barolo Vignarionda in 1985, producing just a few bottles initially and continuing in the successive years with few exceptions. In fact, it was not produced in 1992, 1994, 2002, and in 2003 only 1,200 bottles were made. Since 2010, average annual production is between 2,700 and 3,000 bottles

Harvest period
Usually the first week in September

Approximately 4,000 bottles

Vinification and ageing
The whole grapes are refrigerated for approximately 12 hours at controlled temperature, then destemmed and pressed whole, followed by static decantation at 10°C, racking, alcoholic fermentation and resting on the lees for some 6 months. The wine is bottled in April/May and remains in our cellars in the bottle for approximately 2 years before being released on the market. For this wine we decided to use screw caps.

Organoleptic qualities
In the glass the wine has a pleasant pale yellow colour with slight greenish highlights; the bouquet is vertical with barely noticeable hydrocarbonic notes; flavour is sapid and mineral. An excellent accompaniment for antipasti, pasta dishes, vegetable risottos and cheese.



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